We will open in desenber.

We give you a better day with our services. 


Rent a mini-Storage. The size at the modulstorage is 1mx2m and 3,5m high. Access 24 hour a day. You have to register you, than will you get an app on Your phone.

Key holding

Key holding with access 24 hour a day. When you are registered you will get an app on your phone.


Here will it come something in feb 19

Prices Storage

Rent over one year - 60 euro pr month.

Rent 3 - 12 month - 70 euro pr month.

Rent for weeks - 20 euro pr month.

Payment by credit card withdrawal.

Prices Key-holding

Rent over one year - 5 euro pr month.

Shorter rent - 5 euro pr week.

Payment by credit card withdrawal.